Friday, October 9, 2009

CanadianEMR to Develop Podcasts on Software Licensing

CanadianEMR and ITAC Health are in discussions to create a series of podcasts to provide basic information to the vendor and health care communities. Three proposed podcasts are being discussed:

1. A vendor-oriented podcast with an EMR vendor who has gone through the process and the chair of the ITAC Health working group discussing what the licensing means in practical terms for vendors.

2. A podcast with Health Canada to clarify the policy notice and any related issues.

3. A podcast with several jurisdictional programs including PITO, POSP, OntarioMD and perhaps Infoway to discuss what the licensing issue means to the provincial and national programs.

Podcasts 2 and 3 will require discussions with Health Canada and the provincial programs. Watch this blog for progress on these and other communications initiatives.

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